Archive: Natibaby Vintage Blue (Wool Blend)

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 A sweet, nostalgic print in a icy shade of blue!

This is jacquard weave woven in blue and white threads. 

60% cotton

40% wool 

Weight: 220 gm/m2 (medium-thick)

Release date: 21 November 2012

I am always interested to see how Nati wool wraps. Their standard wool wraps are typically pretty dense and thick and usually provide great toddler support. This is on the thinner side of thick for Nati, so I am curious to see how it will wrap. 

Woolie wraps require a bit more care than linen or cotton. The primary concern with wool is to avoid felting it, which can weaken the fabric and potentially make it unsafe for use. To avoid this, gently hand wash your wool wraps with a wool wash without lanolin. To remove excess water after washing, lay the wrap flat in a large towel and then roll the towel up to soak up excess water. Air dry your woolie, but make sure to give it support while it is drying (I spread our woolies out over our drying racks or hang dry hanging the wrap over hangers at regular intervals)
Ring slings in stock are standard Natibaby ring slings with a pleated shoulder