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Obimama Wrap Conversion "Hathi"


Sold out.

This wrap made the perfect wrap conversion and we are so grateful to Jen from Obimama for creating such a lovely piece of art.

Did anyone else grow up reading The Jungle Book? The actual book by Rudyard Kipling and not the Disneyfied version? It was one of my favorites growing up (of course, reading it now as an adult, the short stories that make up Kipling's The Jungle Book have taken on a more nuanced reading). I loved Hathi: As the oldest elephant, he is the leader of the elephant troop. He is wise, patient, and loves to tell stories. This carrier reminds me so much of his character. The cool blues and greens of the KoKaDi's Maya Elephants are calming and soothing. If I close my eyes, I swear I can hear the voice of Hathi telling all the jungle animals about Tha and the creation of the jungle universe. 

tall stage 2
85" zen straps
70" tie waist
knee pads
neck roll
adjustable hood



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