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Archive: Oscha: Ladybirds Paris (Wool)


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Ladybirds is a iconic, retro pattern that parents and children will love. Here it is woven in the softest lambswool and cotton. The wrap is medium weight offering wonderful support but without being overly thick. It is easy to adjust, breathable and an excellent choice if you are looking for a wool sling but are worried about a 'woolly' feel. Woven in a soft purple and bright rose threads. 

Blend: 30% lambswool 70% cotton

Release Date 27 October 2013

Density: 240 gm/m^2

Collection: Romeo & Juliet 

Washing: We recommend hand washing these fabrics. This can be done by putting some suitable wool/silk/cashmere soap in the bath tub and gently agitating the wrap in it. Then squeeze off any excess water (without wringing), roll in towels and step on them to dry further water. Alternatively you can use the cool handwash setting on your washing machine if it has one. Wool and cashmere should be laid flat to dry. You should avoid drying silk in direct sunlight. They can be ironed on a very cool setting.

Ring Sling Information:

Sliver Rings

Gathered Ring Sling Shoulder to our products. This has been widely used by babywearers for quite some time now and is a tried and tested favourite. This shoulder style is relatively unstructured as the fabric is gathered directly through the rings with no folds. This allows you to spread and move the fabric very easily on your shoulder for even weight distribution.  

Oscha ring slings can also be worn on either shoulder. We include an instruction brochure with each sling, please take time to study this and practice as ring slings are extremely comfy and easy to use but it can take a little time and some adjustment to hit the sweet spot! 

Ring Sling size: Our sling rings measure 190cm - 2m after washing and have been thoroughly safety tested.


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