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Oscha Sling Cairis Toddler Carrier Atlanta Roses. This design was exclusive to this year's International Babywearing Conference 2016. Please note this is TODDLER size. 

Blend: 37% Organic Combed Cotton, 47% Ice Cotton, 16% linen


Simply stylish, the Cairis is a lightweight, easy-to-use, ergonomic mei tai with a buckle waist. It features our Strata-linea® Waistband (patent pending), which provides elegant comfort by preventing digging in at the waist, and ‘Flare’ straps; padded shoulder straps that fan out, providing cushioning over your shoulders and allowing you to spread the fabric out under your child to increase support.

Each Cairis is lovingly handcrafted in Scotland. It is made in small batches entirely from our beautiful wrap fabrics, which are specially woven in the UK from the finest quality yarns. The carrier is soft and simple to use - the waist is fastened with a safety-tested buckle, your baby is held snuggly in the panel and the straps go over your shoulders and are crossed and tied securely.

- Suitable from around 2 -5 years (weight tested from 25 - 45lbs)
- Waist is padded all the way round for extra lumbar support for carrying heavier loads
- Flare straps have added width for supporting bigger children
- Body panel has seat darts to contour to larger child's shape for easy positioning
- Legs out padding ensures comfort for bigger children
- Includes detachable hood for head support of sleeping children

We hope you will enjoy snuggling your little ones in this pretty, streamlined and comfortable baby carrier, secure in the knowledge that it has been safety tested to BS EN 13209-2:2005 & ASTM:F2236-14 and is on the International Hip Dysplasia Institute's list of “hip-healthy” products.


PLEASE NOTE the photos below are of a woven wrap. This is not what you are purchasing and just for you to see the design of the Atlanta Roses. I have also attached photos of a cairis carrier, this too is NOT what you are purchasing and is just for you to see the style of the carrier. We did not have any professional photos taken of each individual carrier.