Archive: Oscha Slings Libero Nebula Ring Sling

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A variation of the Liberty pattern, we have enlarged the scale and rotated the pattern for added strength and elegance! This wrap is woven in 50% indigo blue American combed cotton and 50% organic combed cotton, the combination of yarn weights makes for a slightly thicker wrap at approx 280gsm.

This listing is for the purchase of Oscha Sling Libero Nebula Ring Sling with the Highland Pleat Shoulder with Silver rings.

Our original Highland Pleat Shoulder was developed working closely with our highly experienced tailor. It is similar to the intricate pleat work on kilts, specifically the Kingussie kilt, which is one of the oldest styles and is unique in utilising both box and knife pleats. The design looks elegant and is extremely comfortable to wear. Symmetrical pleats move away from the centre of the sling to ensure an even distribution of the baby's weight whilst moulding easily around the wearer's shoulder.

Oscha ring slings can also be worn on either shoulder. We include an instruction brochure with each sling, please take time to study this and practice as ring slings are extremely comfy and easy to use but it can take a little time and some adjustment to hit the sweet spot!

Our sling rings measure 190cm - 2m after washing and have been thoroughly safety tested.