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Rive Jig of Joy is 100% combed Egyptian cotton, it is soft and has a lovely drape, this item is woven with the fade of the 'Northern Lights warp' repeated on the weft to give a dancing lights effect. Approx 250gsm


Oscha has now added the Gathered Ring Sling Shoulder to their products. This has been widely used by babywearers for quite some time now and is a tried and tested favourite. This shoulder style is relatively unstructured as the fabric is gathered directly through the rings with no folds. This allows you to spread and move the fabric very easily on your shoulder for even weight distribution.

Oscha ring slings can also be worn on either shoulder. They include an instruction brochure with each sling, please take time to study this and practice as ring slings are extremely comfy and easy to use but it can take a little time and some adjustment to hit the sweet spot!

Oscha sling rings measure 190cm - 2m after washing and have been thoroughly safety tested.