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En plein air refers to the practice of painting outdoors. Although artists have always enjoyed sketching or painting outdoors, formal still lifes and landscapes were traditionally painted indoors within the confines of the studio. However, the rise of Impression in the late Eighteenth Century radically altered the way artists understood and created their art. The idea of venturing forth into Nature to capture the movement of light and shadow on the landscape ran counter to tradition and was considered rather revolutionary at the time.

En Plein Air, is an exercise in playing with the subtleties of dark and light motifs. It is a study in how shadows and sunlight dance their way across the natural landscape and texture of woven fibers. It also reminds us to venture forth and enjoy the beauty of nature with our loved ones.

Doe is woven on an ivory white warp with a sand fill, the motifs are light on a darker ground.  It is dense and heavy in hand, and prone to accordion wrinkling after a wash, steam ironing is recommended.  

100% cotton | 338g/m2

Please note, Parterre Doe is a heavyweight fabric and is not suitable for infants or inexperienced wrappers.


Pavo Guild wrap can be found here under Shop.



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