Archive: Diva Milano Merletti Diamante (Cotton Blend)

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Diva Milano first introduced the Merletti pattern Lace Collection (autumn/winter of 2011-2012). The lacy stripes are not overly fussy and really are quite classy. The design is actually quite delicate in hand. This was a gorgeous woolie wrap and I am so happy to see it being woven in cotton, which will be perfect for year round wearing.

This is a jacquard weave woven in grey and white threads. 

100% cotton

Divas feel pretty soft straight out of the box. They tend to catch people off guard because they are so thin. Despite being so thin, these are supportive wraps. Even the 100% cotton wraps are toddler worthy! They are exceptionally wide; the added with help creates greater support for your wrappee. The weave on these wraps is fairly tight, which helps create a solid tensile strength for supporting bigger babies and toddlers.  

The cotton Divas are not that difficult to break in. A good wash and air dry, followed by a tumble on low heat and a good steam ironing will break the wrap in, but the 100% cotton wraps are moldable and soft right out of the package.