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Archive: Diva Milano Veneziano Pavone (Hemp Blend)

Diva Milano

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Diva Milano first introduced Veneziano Azurro in its Lace Collection (autumn/winter of 2011-2012). The Veneziano pattern is an all over lace pattern, reminiscent of venetian lace. This Veneziano is an 80/20 cotton/hemp blend and is part of the Flora  (2014) collection.

This is a jacquard weave with a petrol cotton warp and a lilac hemp weft. 

80% cotton 

20% hemp 

Divas feel pretty soft straight out of the box. They tend to catch people off guard because they are so thin. Despite being so thin, these are supportive wraps. Diva hemp is medium thin and requires a bit more work to break in than the cottons or linen blends. It is not beastly by any means, but since hemp is a thicker fiber, it requires a bit more work. It offers great support and has the fabulous Diva width that works so well when wrapping toddlers. 














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