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Archive: Natibaby Kraken Marine (Merino Wool Blend)


Sold out.

Miss out on the Natibaby Kraken Marine pre-order? We have a few extra wraps available. The Black hemp Kraken is still 4-6 weeks out, but we have the wool blend in stock now and they are just divine!

This is a jacquard weave woven in marine (kind of a dark green/blue that is more green than blue.) and ecru threads

70% cotton

30% merino wool

Weight: 230 gm/m2

This is a nice medium weight woolie that breaks in to be soft and absolutely smooshy soft. It is a standard Nati wool, expect perhaps a touch thinner than old school Nati wool. It is solid and supportive and good for wrapping with toddlers. I can carry my 26 pound, tw year old with no issues. And the best part is that he actually wants to be worn in this wrap. No bribing for uppies!

Woolie wraps require a bit more care than linen or cotton. The primary concern with wool is to avoid felting it, which can weaken the fabric and potentially make it unsafe for use. To avoid this, gently hand wash your wool wraps with a wool wash without lanolin. To remove excess water after washing, lay the wrap flat in a large towel and then roll the towel up to soak up excess water. Air dry your woolie, but make sure to give it support while it is drying (I spread our woolies out over our drying racks or hang the wrap over hangers at regular intervals).