Archive: Natibaby Hindo Thullian (Linen Blend)

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I love this design and I'm so excited that Natibaby is doing a pre-order for these!

This is a jacquard weave woven in brown and Heather (pink) colored threads. This wrap is quite brown dominant in hand. In the swatch below, it looks to be more pink dominant. It is not. 

70% Cotton

30% Linen

So, when we have talked about Nati wraps being "thin," it was understood that although the wraps might be "thin" by Nati standards, they are most likely thick by any other wrap brand standard. However, Nati's recent releases have been definitely thin. It is a completely new departure for Nati and I love the thinner, moldable wraps they have been releasing. I'm not sure of the weight on this one yet, but I imagine it will be on the thin to medium side. 

This should break in to be soft and buttery. It shouldn't require the brute force that old school Nati linen has usually required for breaking in. A wash in warm water, a fluff dry on low heat and a good steam iron should be enough to take away the initial stiffness of this bad boy.