Scrap: Natibaby Kraken Oriental (100% Cotton)

Regular price $35.00

This piece is 33" long side and 31" short side. One edge is cut the other is the tail side. There are NO tags on this piece. 

Sail the high seas into the sunrise and search for the hidden treasure!

Kraken will take you and your little one on the adventure of a lifetime.

100% Cotton

Release Date: 9 June 2015

Weight: unknown

Nati cotton is actually fairly dense and supportive. Their cotton wraps are quite toddler worthy and offer a fair amount of support. They tend to run wide, which I prefer for wrapping my toddler because it allows for more cush on the shoulders. Nati cotton runs the gamut in terms of thickness and moldability. One wash, tumble in the dryer, and steam iron is all it needs for breaking in to become silky soft.
Size 4: $120
Size 5 $125
Size 6 $135
Size 7 $145