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Archive: Natibaby Livada (Linen/Silk Blend)


Sold out.

Filled with artistic plants, flowers and some butterflies, Livida is a beautiful new design from Natibaby.

This is a jacquard weave woven in a gorgeous purple and green colored threads.

72% Cotton

18% Silk

10% Linen

Release Date: 14 May 2014

Weight: 225 g/m2

Natibaby silk and linen!  The best of both worlds!

Natibaby silk is known for being fairly dense and thick; however, this is one of the lighter weight, airier weaves. It is not old school Nati silk, which was super thick and dense. Despite being thinner, it still breaks in to be super soft and snuggly. 

Nati's wrap are hit or miss on the silk smell. Sometimes it has that distinctive scent; other times it does not. I can not smell silk, but some people are quite sensitive to it. If this is the case, I find that if you can air the wrap out for a couple of days in a room where there is good air flow, the smell does dissipate quite a bit. If you stick it in a closet for a couple of days, chances are the silk smell is going to be there, so make sure it truly airs out. Sometimes the silk scent can linger even after a wash.

Silk does require gentle care. It should be hand washed in cool water or on your washing machine's delicate or silk cycle, although I do strongly recommend hand washing.  Silk wraps should be hung to dry. To fluff them up, you can put them in the dryer and tumble on a no heat setting for 5 minutes.


These wraps are considered second quality. What does it mean if your wrap is second quality? It typically means it might come with some small weaving flaws such as small pulled or broken threads, skipped threads, a bit more nubbiness than normal or there might be some other flaw found on the factory flaw that might not be distinguishable to the general customer. These flaws are considered cosmetic and do not affect the safety of the wrap. I try to look over the wraps and figure out what exactly the flaw is before shipping. Large flaws are noted. 

Please note that second quality wraps are sold as is and are not returnable. Prices have been adjusted accordingly. 




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