Marsupial Mamas, LLC

Natibaby Music Symphony (Hemp Blend)


Who thought music could be so sweet? This is a lovely wrap--perfect for the music lover, or maker for that matter. 

This is a jacquard weave woven in grey and anthracite colored threads 

70% cotton 

30% hemp 

Release Date: 25 July 2013

Weight: 190 gm/m2 for a size 6

So we are all used to thick, beastly, flannely Natibaby hemp wraps, right? This hemp wrap will totally rock your paradigm. It is nothing at all like Nati hemp. It is thin and moldable. It has nothing of the beast about it. It's totally different than what we expect from Nati hemp and to be honest, I kind of love it. Without the added density, this hemp wrap is actually comfortable for wrapping with in warmer temperatures. No joke. 



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