Archive: Toto Wraps: Red, Purple and Gold (5 meters)

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Eco green lovely summer baby wraps
This textiles are machine woven fabrics. Mercerized cotton.
100%combed Cotton,It makes a great beginners wrap Into Woven wrapping / baby wearing.
It's affordable in price and great lovable quality.

The kikois wraps are light weight, highly absorbent, very Breathable,no Cush Yet very comfy and elegant on either front or back carry .

Does not dig ! It's made as a wide wrap , easy to grip wrap, nice & friendly, wide enough for a good deep seat as well as offer nice hold not to dig in on the shoulders.😍😊

Carries front and or Kangaroo carry from birth , back wrapping in various preferred techniques till 2/3 yrs

For heavy kids say above 19 kgs , it's most comfy when in multiple passes including the double hammock Rucksack carry . 

You will find more information about the company here and more information about the wraps here on our blog

100% combed cotton machine spun Kikoy