Archive: Yaro Braid Purple Emerald- Size 6

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Blend: 60% cotton, 40% soft linen

Weight: 250 g/m2

Color: Purple, Emerald

Size 6- 4.6m

These are the most perfect colors to ever mix. In my opinion. This is just beautiful. The linen is light weight but yet supportive. Perfect for all temperature. Supportive for newborn to toddler. It is already soft for a linen wrap and will only become softer. Linen is naturally stiffer but does soften up nicely. This will also be prone to linen snubs and nubs, this is common of linen fabric.  

Yaro Slings is a manufacturer of woven baby slings produced within the European Union. Our motto - affordable woven slings to promote the babywearing and the great quality!

Yaro Slings has been created by the initiative of a group of European babywearing consultants who would like to promote the babywearing and make it affordable.