Yaro Slings: Quantum Marbella Grad (cotton/tencel/linen blend) Size 6 (4.6 Meters)

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70% cotton 
20% Tencel
10% Linen
73 cm width
270 gm2
We are happy to to re-introduce our Quantum pattern, in our beautiful Marbella Grad. 
This wrap is an absolute summer essential, with the great blend of cotton tencel and 
linnen. Strong, supportive, heat regulating and after a short breaking in period nicely
 soft. The colours are very bright and with a different way of wrapping it will have 
another appearance with every use. This wrap can be used from newborn to 
toddlerhood and is very suitable to use single-layered as well as double layered. You 
will love this wrap even in the hot and humid summer days. Suitable for all experience